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The Purchasing Skill Of Canvas Shoe
- May 05, 2017 -

The best choice of shoes to choose the regular manufacturers or professional manufacturers of products, such manufacturers pay more attention to credibility, better technology, the selected material is relatively good. In the packaging of the box on the normal manufacturers are generally marked size, color, production of materials used, manufacturers telephone, and quality standards. The box is also beautifully packed.

Look at the upper when you choose Canvas shoes. Canvas shoes, as the name implies, the uppers are generally made of canvases. Choose to see if the shoe uppers to arc normal, two shoes are symmetrical, there is a colorless difference; there is no disconnection, jump needle; look at the shoe body and the sole whether the vertical, the shoelace holes have no skew, whether or not to the lining; look at the printed pattern and text is clear, paste or stitching decorative icons are firmly.

Check the soles. The sole use of rubber outsole, such a shoe sole requirements wear-resistant, slippery, but also lightsome, so choose to see if the soles of the anti-skid stripes are clear. There is no glue defect. Whether the stripe spacing is uniform, the same material sole color is consistent. See if there is no blowhole or blistering.

Finally check the bottom. Insoles with the hand to touch soft, have a certain elasticity, printing trademarks to be clear. Look at the rubber bonding parts, see if there is a small glue point, bubble. Compare the two shoes to the ground, check the color, pattern, height, length, width of the same.