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- Jul 12, 2017 -

One of my favorite things about the canvas shoes is their ever changing looks. From classic chucks to throwbacks to the 1970s to artistic designs and others, the brand is constantly keeping its customers up with the latest styles. A unique piece of the custom canvas shoes production is how they choose to make their shoes limited edition constantly. Although they do not advertise this, (besides the classics) often do not last more than a season on the shelves. This gives even more reason for you to purchase that pair of shoes you love when you see them.

Now we has been known to launch summer collections. Their past summer looks are some of my favorite. I own two summer pairs. One a flip flop style. The other is Roman thong inspired. Sadly, when I purchased these shoes, I did not realize how difficult it can be to find seasonal collections. Both pairs have seen lots of love as I can clearly see their wear and tear.

I can’t wait for the summer collection to launch, however the current spring collection already has me ready to purchase some more Chucks for my unique collection.

We haven’t seen choose these colors for the rubber in the past, and if you don’t buy them soon, it is likely they’ll be hard to find in the future.