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How To Prevent Shoe Smelly Feet In Summer
- May 05, 2017 -

Summer is approaching, good new shoes, wearing a few days will have a stink, once loose loose shoelaces, the smell will come on the blow, is really embarrassing. So why do shoes stink? This is due to arch sweat. Arch is about 620 sweat glands per square centimeter. Other parts of the body are only 143~339, that is, palms, arch than other parts of the sweat glands more than a few times.

When people increase activity, the weather is sultry, the spirit is tense, eat spicy hot food, sweat will secrete a lot. In addition to moisture and salinity, sweat also contains lactic acid and urea. Under the conditions of sweating, the bacteria on the feet multiply and decompose the keratin, plus the urea and lactic acid in sweat, which will emit a stink. How can you keep your shoes fresh?

1. Buy lime powder to store, put in an old silk stockings, and then plug into the shoe. Quicklime can quickly absorb the sweat and kill bacteria inside the shoe, helping deodorant. If you do not want to buy lime, can also use the cake, biscuits in the small package of preservatives substitute.

2. Each time after washing the shoes, prepare water into a little white vinegar, put the shoes into the white vinegar water bubble 30 minutes to 1 hours, then rinse with water, can also remove the stink.

3. Before going to bed, take a pellet of alcohol sponge (twist the alcohol) into the shoe, with the volatilization of alcohol, the smell of the shoe will slowly weaken, and the other two days can be worn again.

4. Pour some baking soda in a silk stockings, tuck in the shoe with baking soda in the night before bedtime, and the baking soda can absorb the stench and sweat inside the shoe.

5. After strenuous exercise, sneakers often become smelly, especially when summer. Then sprinkle some salt in the shoe to help reduce the stink.

6. Put a few grains of moth balls into powder, sprinkle in the washing of the shoe, on a pad of a insole, so wearing it is not easy to smelly feet. Moth balls can not direct contact with the foot, inside the moth balls as long as the next week to change it. Moth balls can play a good antibacterial effect, can kill a large number of bacteria because of moist breeding, so it will not smell.

7. In order to achieve the total eradication of the effect of shoe odor, often in the shoe cabinet with a piece of soap or spray perfume, is also a good choice.

8. Choose to wear cotton socks, cotton composition is high, it is easier to absorb the sweat on the feet, and cotton socks more breathable, moisture wicking effect, basically wear down the day, the feet of sweat will not produce smelly.