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How To Make Shoes Mildew In The Rainy Season
- May 05, 2017 -

The weather is warming, winter shoes need to be carefully preserved to prevent the weather affected by a large number of shoe mold growth.

First recruit: Sealed packaging with plastic bags

In the case of drying shoes after washing, the use of plastic bags sealed packaging collection can reduce the contact with moist air, thus keeping dry, this is also the traditional preservation method.

The second recruit: stick to mould piece

First through the shoe wipe with a damp cloth or wash, dry, paste the mold, put into the shoe box storage dry place can be used in this method of preservation, to prevent the shoe cracking deformation and mildew deterioration.

The third recruit: desiccant or moistureproof Agent

The washing of the shoe is a desiccant or moisture-proof agent, Desiccant is a very strong adsorption capacity of absorbent, can prevent the shoe from damp