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Development History Of Canvas Shoe
- May 05, 2017 -

Canvas sneakers have a long history. As early as 16th century, the average people in Europe made "felt shoes" like canvas shoes. 19th century, a lot of ordinary people in Europe, has begun to put on, the sail cloth adhesive soles Shoes. But natural rubber has its characteristics, hot weather is soft, cold hard to crack easily.

Modern canvas plastic outsole shoe is produced by industrialized production American inventor Goodyear, in 1839 and a lot of technical staff, workers, and jointly manufactured the "rubber vulcanization process", so that the natural rubber hardening, this makes the canvas shoe can be more affordable, can be more affordable to people.

In the 1960 of the 20th century, the cheap and abhisit of canvas shoes made it a symbol of teenage rebellion and hippie spirits, like jeans. In the classic film "Graduate", it is remembered that the voice of silence, in addition to Simon and Garfunkel bands, is the light-brown canvas sneaker on Dustin Hoffman's feet. The Beatles (a gram) starred in the film "Yellow Submarine", is to let designers get inspiration from the beginning of graffiti on canvas shoes. The upper is a canvas, with the design elements, canvas shoes are immediately turned over, from sports equipment into artwork.

Later, China's double star, back force and so on brand canvas shoes have also made a very good development. Quality stability.Until 20th century 70, 80 and two times after World War, the boom recovery climbed to the peak, a variety of sporting events flourish, the heat of canvas shoes only cool. Because of this, 20th century 60-80 years of the establishment of sports shoes manufacturers, some popular shoe pattern also have canvas shoes, including: Bonny, Vance and so on, each of the different logo symbols printed on the surface of the shoe. The early 21st century vintage fever, also let these brands revive or the price continues bullish. In the existing elements to add a sense of fashion design, is the most personalized pop taste, canvas shoes are no longer just "canvas" shoes, Ma Mao, Cortex, suede, cowboy denim, corduroy and so on should be applied to them.

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