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Advice On The Collocation Of Canvas Shoes
- May 05, 2017 -

Canvas shoes How to lap all the line, wearing their own style most important, the most secure jeans, how do not reconcile, can also create conflicting aesthetic feeling. Black canvas shoes collocation is most convenient, casual match is very good-looking, casual clothes can be matched, cowboy is can, black canvas shoes Super match, summer you can above T-shirt, below jeans (shorts in the pants Can), autumn and winter can also match jeans wear. Black high-help canvas shoes collocation is 100 lap color, no matter what kind of clothes can be matched. Basically not to pick the color. As long as you do not match the dress can.

Contradictory romance: Girls Spring and summer snow spinning dress, with the canvas shoes to guide back to neutral, lively routes, with colorful pantyhose or half socks also have the finishing touch effect.

City ya-chi: Tie suits with leather canvas shoes, especially in dark color, imitation of the old section is preferred.

Casual Cowboy: Canvas shoes and jeans are the most suitable, especially narrow tube small straight jeans.

Pretty sports girl, pocket skirt with high-barrel or special high boot shoe canvas, but pick people wearing, slim long legs best suited.

How to lap up the canvas shoes, the only taboo is to collapse pants, because the shoe body is narrow, flat, can not support the visual almost to fall down the pants, but like a small shoulder-weight wrapped.