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The washing method of casual shoes
- May 05, 2017 -

1. Wash the shoes and shoelaces separately with neutral soap/powder. When washing shoes, remove the insole, brush gently with soft wool, and rinse thoroughly.

2. The insole toe is cooled down in the ventilation.

3. When the shoe is cool, use the shoe support will help the shoe restore the prototype, or the newspaper stuffed in the shoe. Newspapers have a double effect, not only can help restore the prototype, and can quickly absorb the moisture in the shoe.

4. The shoe head is facing the lower sole to the wall to dry at ambient temperature, which prevents the water immersion in the bottom foaming material. (Because the foaming material is not easy to dry, it is advised not to put wet shoes flat. )

5. After the shoe is dried, the paper is removed, and then the shoe is dry for a while.

6. Excessive sunlight, the heat of the hairdryer and improper nursing methods will reduce the service life of the shoe.