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Precautions for casual footwear
- May 05, 2017 -

The heel height of the shoe should be appropriate. The heel of 2 to 3 centimeters can make the bow more reasonable. It can make a person's hips before collecting, abdominal taut, chest straighten, so that people look straight and dynamic. Flat shoes make people's center of gravity too lean, when walking heel smashed ground, shaking can be transferred to the brain. High heel, the toe, the metatarsal is straining, and is squeezed, so that ankle and knee stress increase, waist, abdomen to maintain balance, easy to lead to waist, hip muscles, ligament straining.

The tightness of the shoe should be appropriate. The tight shoe will squeeze the foot bad, form hallux valgus, the soles appear corns, corpus callosum. Too loose shoes can lead to no heel, plantar soles too hard, wear and pain. Generally speaking, the shoe fit does not pressure the instep, the shoe front has about a-one thumb space, the forefoot must have the leeway to swing and then cannot swing, the heel and the upper between does not feel the friction. And, everyone's feet are not the same size, test shoes to the comfort of the main foot-Bigfoot, must stand up to take a few steps to see whether the two shoes are in the side. It is worth the parents ' attention, must not let the child through the tight shoe, otherwise will let the child's toes be squeezed cause deformity growth. When you buy shoes for your child, leave a little room for your feet when you grow up and change your shoes in time.

The material of the shoe should pay attention to ventilation. Breathable material not only does not cover foot, comfort, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoes are less breathable, especially the soles, although they are strong, and the feet are like a sauna. A pair of good shoes is much more important than a BMW in Knight. For people who have to stand for more than 9 hours a day, the foot is the hardest, and a pair of comfortable shoes should be configured.

The elderly choose shoes. The hand loses flexibility and cannot tie the shoe laces old person, should pay attention to choose shoe Mouth has the elastic belt shoe. And the purchase of lengthened shoes, so that the elderly do not bend to pull the heel. If there is a painful injury of the elderly, the best custom-made shoes, special polyethylene foam shoe plug plastic type, can alleviate pain, avoid injury aggravation; older adults with bone spurs can be fitted with an empty insole with the heel of the foot to relieve the pressure around the spur and relieve pain.