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New custom shoes for each season
- Jul 12, 2017 -

If you love the classic hi-top look but are searching for something that says spring, look no further. A recently launched spring collection keeps your favorite look but adds flair in changing the color of the canvas. New colors including fuchsia (see below), fresh yellow, menta, light surplus, sunset glow, and others are all part of our Spring 2017 Season Color Collection. The shoes are just as fun as their color names. With fresh new colors, purchasing a pair will make you set for spring.

From different materials such as mesh, canvas, and wool to different colored rubber soles, Canvas shoes is hoping to provide a look you love. If you are still searching for the perfect pair, don’t be worried. Each season we are adding shoes to their collection. These limited edition shoes are sure to never go out of style. Wait a few years and you will find your favorite Spring 2017 shoe to be limited edition once again or stay up to date with the latest picks each season. Here at our website, we’ll be making sure you have a new selection of sneakers on the regular