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How to choose casual shoes
- May 05, 2017 -

1. Must measure the actual test wear, do not use the size of the shoe before to infer that the size of the foot will change.

2. Not to be confused by the size of the number, whether British size, European size or the United States size (also divided between men and women), size will be subject to the shoe factory standards and design impact, it is best to try to wear a few adjacent dimensions

3. Buy Shoes at night! At night, the feet swell slightly, just as you walk on the hill.

4. To try slowly, don't be too impatient to make a decision. Prepare two half-day to buy a pair of good shoes, try to try different cards and shoes.

5. With your own socks, it is best to match the shoe of mountaineering socks

6. After tying the shoe laces, the activity toe sees whether meets the front wall, the new shoe wears long after, may increase the width and the thickness slightly, but will never increase the length, too short shoe tends to bump toe head and nails

7. When trying to wear shoes, walking a walk, on the one hand to make the new shoe leather or fiber more elastic, on the one hand, can also try to find out whether there is not easy to detect uncomfortable place

8. Buy a suitable shoe, but don't want a pair of shoes to cope with all the use. Don't buy a special pair of shoes for a special trip.

9. Grasp the feeling of the foot, pick a pair of the most comfortable, with that pair of standards to try all the shoes, only a people know which pair of shoes is best for you, is oneself.