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Daily cleaning of Sneakers
- May 05, 2017 -

1. When the shoe is dirty, use water dip detergent gently scrub, and then rinse with water, place the ventilation cool out dry, avoid direct sunlight. Avoid using heating or open flame drying, lest cause aging, upper off sole, fading and serious distortion. Excessive sun direct, the heat of the hairdryer and improper nursing methods will reduce the service life of the shoe; wash not long time, the general immersion time must not exceed 20 minutes. Genuine leather shoes are not soaked in water.

2. Sports Shoes Most raw materials are synthetic polymer materials (more polyester nylon mesh and non-woven synthetic leather, sole use of rubber or rubber foam made of materials, some uppers are genuine leather, so avoid contact with organic reagents and grease solutions, while at the high temperature environment for long time wear. General wear or washing temperatures must not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.

3. If long time storage, should first wash the shoes clean, dry after placing a cool and ventilated place to store, so that the shoe has ample time to blow dry, lest mildew. True leather shoes should be used in paper or shoe support, lest serious distortion. The shoe head toward the bottom of the sole toward the wall, at ambient temperature ventilation to dry, so that water can prevent the bottom foam materials. (Because the foaming material is not easy to dry, it is advised not to put wet shoes flat. )

4. For the use of sneakers to look more beautiful, please do not use in the process of wearing or brushing the brush or forcibly too fierce, more can not use nails or sharp edges of the corners of these printed patterns. After a period of time wearing, some patterns of surface may appear small cracks (especially often tortuous parts), which is normal.

5. To enable you to achieve a satisfactory wearing effect, please treat your shoes fairly. Remember not to wear normal jogging shoes or walking shoes to play soccer and other violent movements.

6. Athletes trained every day, preferably with more than two pairs of sneakers to replace every day.

7. Athletes or sports enthusiasts should often wear sports shoes purchased. To prolong the service life of the shoe, wash as little as possible.

8. The nylon mesh cloth and artificial tanning leather in running shoes are relatively easy to maintain, can be washed with water hand, preferably do not use washing machine or water immersion.

9. Wash the shoes and shoelaces separately with neutral soap/powder. When washing shoes, remove the insole, brush gently with soft wool, and rinse thoroughly.