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Color Characteristics of Sneakers
- May 05, 2017 -

The color of the sneakers is determined by the light reflected by the material itself. Sports shoes Design Use color collocation unfair embodiment design style, design fashion trend, also can make the movement's unsightly, the entertainment greatly enhances, simultaneously manifests the movement itself lively, the dynamic and the crisp characteristic.

The color of sports shoes and shoes, rubber shoes compared with a wide range of color use, the scope, color collocation complex, visual feeling rich characteristics, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) Color in the use of sports shoes to help materials: sports shoes to help the color of the material than shoes freely, rich and diversified. Decorative colors not only include common colors, but also a large number of use of metal color, laser, flash, etc.

(2) The use of color in the shoe soles of the sports: shoes, rubber shoes, the big bottom color is a monochrome or two color, sports shoes to the bottom of the big 3-5 color. Color selection range, color brightness, high purity. Color collocation is not too restrictive, can be a pure color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some in the shoes, rubber shoes are difficult to see the color, the use of trainers in frequent, particularly eye-catching, so that it is full of vitality and vitality.

(3) The use of sports shoes packaging and publicity color: Sports shoes are full of sports characteristics of products, movement itself is the pursuit of human life goal, so this product has the collection and agitation people to exercise characteristics. General sports shoes are very focused on product and advertising color flexible and diverse, highlighting the characteristics of sports shoes and the sense of the times to stimulate the desire to buy consumers.

(4) The color characteristics of sports shoes is another embodiment of tight and clothing fashion trends combined with sports shoes closely watched the trend of fashion changes, by the impact of fashion color is very large. As a sports shoe designer and producer, should pay attention to the fashion trend of the garment fabric color.